Ethical systems

Animal welfare is central to meeting the demand for robust, ethical and sustainable animal production systems. 

Murdoch Animal Welfare researchers are working with sheep, cattle, pig, and goat industries towards:

  • Developing novel objective methods to measure animal welfare in production systems.  Read more
  • Developing animal welfare benchmarking systems. Read more
  • Understanding the effects of environmental and management stress (e.g. thermal, confinement, handling, transport, or social stress) on health and well being of livestock.
  • Developing best practice systems for food animal supply chain that promotes welfare and secures high meat quality.
  • Understanding key factors influencing lamb survival.
  • Develop on-farm strategies to mitigate pain associated with routine husbandry procedures in livestock.  Read more
  • Developing detection methods for infectious agents and understanding transmission dynamics.
  • Understanding animal health issues.  Read more

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PhD research opportunity on sheep wellbeing
There is an opportunity for a postgraduate to be involved in one of the research themes of the Sheep CRC: On-Farm Remote Sensing of Wellbeing. Invitations will soon be open for PhD scholarships. We are looking for a suitable candidate with at least a 2A Honours in a relevant discipline who would be interested in being involved with research into on-farm sheep behaviour and health remote monitoring. It will involve collaboration between Murdoch University and industry partners, technology companies, and the University of New England. This is a great opportunity for postgraduates interested in the Australian sheep industry.
For more info contact Dr David Miller d.miller@murdoch