Enjoyment and convenience

What is a Sunday BBQ without a perfectly well cooked lamb chop?

There is a lot of science that goes towards ensuring that the meat that you purchase in the supermarket is prime quality.  This starts on farm, with good livestock nutrition, but flows right through to the packaging and storage required to protect the product you purchase.

Our research investigates a number of major themes:

  • Muscle and fat biochemistry (how to ensure that there is more meat and less fat in your steaks)
  • Intramuscular fat (marbling – putting the fat in the right place to ensure the best flavour)
  • Meat colour – myoglobin metabolism
  • Genetic improvement for tender and flavoursome meat – genomic selection/tools
  • Production systems for tender and flavoursome meat, e.g. grain versus grass feeding, glycogen (muscle sugar) metabolism for meat quality, vitamin E and meat colour, and the profile of fatty acids