Animal health

Molecular characterisation of enteric pathogens in Rangeland goats – Scouring and ill-thrift can be major issues in Rangeland goats, yet relatively little is known about the cause. This project aims to address this knowledge gap by screening Rangeland goats using quantitative PCR for a range of enteric pathogens that are commonly associated with scouring and ill-thrift. This study will also aim to determine optimum management and husbandry practices for domestication of rangeland goats.Goat

Role of uNGAL in dogs with renal injury – Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a devastating potential consequence of severe intra-operative hypotension. Acute tubular epithelial injury is a common early histological abnormality in this syndrome. Early detection of renal tubular injury significantly improves outcome and might be possible using urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin concentration (uNGAL). The study aim was to use a haemorrhage model of ischaemia-reperfusion to determine changes in uNGAL in anaesthetised greyhounds.