About the Centre

Animal Production focuses on improving efficiency, profitability and welfare of animal production through nutrition, meat/carcase quality manipulation, and sustainable rearing and behavioural practices.  We aim for efficient, sustainable and ethical production of animals for quality food and fiber.

Producing livestock products in an environmentally and socially responsible way is the ultimate goal of our research.  Research into the physiology, biochemistry and quality of sheep and beef meat, for example, has defined the agenda for the enhancement of meat quality in southern Australia. Work pioneered by this group has contributed to the development and implementation of Meat Standards Australia (MSA) lamb and beef quality systems (the commercial vehicle for the research), which has transformed the eating quality of Australian lamb and beef.

Animal Production and Veterinary Sciences researchers at Murdoch University are active participants in Australian Cooperative Research Centers (CRC), including the Sheep CRC (2007-2019); Beef CRC (2005-2012); and the Pork CRC (2005-2017).

Our research rests on five pillars of consumer demand 5 pillarsfor the livestock industries:

  1. Integrity
  2. Enjoyment & Convenience
  3. Nutritional Value
  4. Ethical Systems
  5. Value & Efficiency

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